Sponsoring a child… it really changes a life

February 2, 2017

Fields of Promise

Friends, I want to draw your attention to an organization that I care about and has helped our family. It’s called Fields of Promise, and I was introduced to it through a Facebook group made up of parents who’ve adopted Ethiopian children. An amazing woman named Pam Zicker runs Fields of Promise, which works in northern Ethiopia and focuses on orphan care and outreach, as well as supporting the visually impaired. One thing they do is offer a sponsorship program to aid the children they help and recently they sent out an email about a few young people who still need support to get through school. Just in case any of my generous readers here are looking to sponsor a child – and please consider it as it’s such a fantastic way to help transform a life! — I wanted to share Pam’s Facebook post here:

MEET our OVER-ACHIEVERS who have passed to Grade 10 in the Ethiopian school system and are fighting for top spots in their class to enable them to pass to grades 11-12. This is how the Ethiopian school system works… If they don’t pass, they move to a vo-tech path. If they pass, they earn the right to be high school graduates and the possibility of government-sponsored university with high enough matriculation exam scores. Lower scores mean they can attend a private college at their own cost. Our NGO partner is committed to seeing our kids all the way through to sustainable independence. Most of our children have sponsors in the U.S. – but THESE THREE remain without sponsors and are in need of some encouragement, prayer, and $40/month to finish out their program:

"M" Sweet “M” is 15 years old, scored in the top 5 students of her class in 9th grade, and hopes to be a doctor. "M" “M” is a hard-working, driven student who wasn’t happy with being ranked 3rd in his class in 9th grade because he wants to be #1. He is 15 years old. "Y" “Y” is 14 years old and ranks in the top 10 of his class. He has waited almost 2 years for a sponsor of his own.

Would you be willing to commit to 2-6 years to see them through with us to the end? Very few opportunities exist to help an at-risk teen finish school and university with a commitment of $40/month! Email us at info@fieldsofpromise.org or sign up on our website.

If you know anyone who may want to help these children, please pass it on!




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