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Hi, and welcome to SlowMama. I’m Zoe Saint-Paul. That’s Zoe, as in, rhymes with Joey. It’s the Greek word for life.

I’m a quarter Scottish, a quarter Irish, and half French, Latvian, and Russian. Something in me feels a wee bit Italian; I have a fascination with Mexico; my husband’s never met an Asian dish he doesn’t like; and our daughters were born in Ethiopia. So we’ve got much of the world covered.

That said, I’m all about the local…. food, community, economy. I learned this at the knee of my agrarian-anarchist mother while growing up the eldest of a large brood near the ocean in rural Nova Scotia.

I launched SlowMama for a few reasons…

The name is mostly tongue-in-cheek: I was in my 40s when I became a mother by adoption and our process took almost 4 years — so it doesn’t get much slower than that.

Also, we all know that moms aren’t slow… we’re always on the go and expert multi-taskers. But who wants her life constantly defined by busyness and speed? Here at SlowMama I write about my efforts to live a little “slower, ” which doesn’t mean going at a snail’s pace all the time, but doing each thing at the best pace and refusing to rush all the time. To “live slow” is to simplify your life and stay connected to what matters most. It’s not easy in today’s world, but I think it’s the secret to quality of life.

Slow living is about connectedness, beauty, simplicity, quality, a sense of place, sustainability, craftsmanship, tradition, and community. Applying these principles to our everyday lives and decisions in such a fast-paced world requires intentionality. This is at the heart of what we talk about at SlowMama — in (hopefully!) a fun, interesting, and inspiring way.

You’ll read posts here about parenting, family, adoption, food, design, crafts, travel, health, sustainability, the arts, books, spirituality, current affairs, and every day life. You’ll also occasionally find tips, reflections, advice, and information because I can’t help it — I’m a life coach.

By the way, you don’t need to be a mother to hang out here! 

Saint-Paul Family

For the record, I don’t have the corner market on being a slow mama… I’m really just a wanna-be who’s learning as I go. If you’re looking for someone who’s raising animals in a barn she built herself, makes all her food from scratch, birthed her babies at home, sewed her living room curtains, knits her kids’ winter socks, and uses lip balm she made with wax from her bee hives out back, well…you’ve come to the wrong place.

I have some fabulous contributors who enrich my site — you can read more about them here.

I love to hear from readers so feel free to contact me.

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Come back often!

And just in case that’s not enough, here’s a bit more info about me:

I moved to the United States from Toronto in my mid-20s for graduate school and after making my way around the country, I’m still here. I have two bachelor’s degrees — one in public relations, the other in psychology. My master’s degree is in counseling and I studied theology at the graduate level. I became a certified life coach through the Coaches Training Institute eight years ago and coach clients — mostly by phone — in my private practice.

My professional background includes non-profit development and consulting, fundraising, public relations, event planning, project management, radio production, and stage acting — in addition to freelance writing. I’ve been published in places like Real Simple, Baltimore Eats, Urbanite, Catholic Digest, Godspy, On Purpose Woman, and TruthAtlas; as well as featured or quoted in The Washington Post, Village Voice, The Washington Times, Baltimore Magazine, Catholic News Service, SheKnows.com, and YourTango.com.

Zoe Saint-Paul

My husband and I met while working together on a short-lived radio show. I thought he was smart and funny, but not my type. He thought I was cute and kind, but a little boring. Turns out it was a perfect match and four years later we were married. We now live in a historic row house in Baltimore, Maryland. Here on the blog, I call my husband, “B.”

Family of Four

After 10 years of marriage, and gestating like an elephant twice over, we accepted a referral for twin four year-old girls from Ethiopia and they came home in October 2012. They are known here as “S” and “H.” Life is now insane… and pretty awesome, too.