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February 15, 2013

Machu Picchu moss and rocks

Yay, it’s Friday! I’m smiling today because my husband has Monday off. Three-day weekends are my friend. In fact, I’m going to go out on limb here and take a stand for a four-day work week all year long — not because I like to promote laziness or deny workaholics their fix, but because I’m convinced that most people in most jobs can be just as productive in four days as in five. And three days off leaves more time for family, friends, sleep, and exercise — which makes employees happier and more productive.

I realize this isn’t the kind of proposal that wins me any points in this great country — nor is it realistic for some workplaces or jobs. But I don’t think it’s all that crazy an idea…

So how was your (five-day) week, friends? Mine kicked my butt. I need a drink. But, as I mentioned on Wednesday, I give up alcohol every Lent. You know what’s great about a virtual happy hour, though? You can still indulge and not be breaking any rules. Yay!

That said, I figured this first week of Lent I’d go a bit easy and choose something a little more in keeping with the season — a drink that won’t leave me tipsy but satisfies my need for something special after an extra-tiring week. So let’s all share a pitcher of red apple sangria, a delicious-looking creation I spotted on Martha Stewart the other day. Hope it makes you happy, too.

And now, here’s my high and low of the week:

Low: The kicking-of-the-butt thing I mentioned above. I’m just pooped! The girls were up much earlier than usual all week long; they were whinier than usual; one of them wouldn’t eat most of what I put in front of her (all stuff she’s eaten and liked in the past), and the other nicked her cheek and kept ripping off the band-aids we’d put on, only to start crying for another. Plus, I still just can’t seem to get enough sleep and now feel another cold rearing its ugly head.

High: The arrival of my VitaMix! A generous friend recently decided she wanted to give our family one as a sort of “congratulations” gift. She figured it might help me get more fruit and veggies into the girls — and keep myself a little healthier in the process. Ever since our blender broke over a year ago, I’ve been fantasizing about a VitaMix, so I was pretty excited when it showed up on Tuesday. Not exactly a “slow” kitchen gadget, but all the local fruits and veggies I’m going to blend in there will surely make up for it.

Two bonus questions this week: I’ve got fruit on my mind right now, so I’m curious: What one fruit could you not live without? (Tomatoes not included.) For me, it’s a toss-up between apples and oranges. I know, boring, but I never tire of either of them, so it would have to be one or the other. Probably apples. Also, what do you think about my four-day work week idea above? 

Okay, how about you? High and low of the week? Have a slow weekend, and see you back here on Monday!

Image: Near Machu Picchu, Peru, by Lisa Malveaux

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