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April 25, 2014

Painted Nails If you’re a parent, how many things did you swear you’d never do or say (or allow your kids to do), and then they actually happen? I added another one to my list this week: My daughters have wanted their nails painted since forever (even though I almost never have painted fingernails), and I’ve gone from saying “that’s just for big girls” to saying “maybe we’ll do it for your birthday” to being in a salon the other day and agreeing to let the owner paint their nails for free. When she asked and I saw the excitement on their faces, I couldn’t say no. So my little 5-year-olds are sporting bright pink sparkly fingertips and couldn’t be happier about it. I can’t believe I landed such girly girls!

How was your week? It’s been gorgeous here, and I want to make it stick around for at least a couple of months before 90-degree temps creep in and make me forget I ever complained about the cold. I’ve got sangria on my mind after sharing a fantastic pitcher of the stuff with a friend last night, so grab a tall glass of it and toast anything that’s good in your life right now. Here’s my high and low of the week:

High: This week we were on Easter/spring break from school, and it’s been great. Some people like getting back to the regular routine, but I’ll take perpetual vacation anytime, hands down. Also, the celebration I mentioned above with a close friend over tapas, too much of that delicious sangria, and a hilarious story-telling show about hair. So fun!

Low: A pediatric appointment where I demonstrated once again that I am that mom — the one who asks too many questions, makes unusual requests, and generally ends up feeling like she belongs in a circus side show compared to the rest of the population.

Got any exciting plans this weekend? Hope it’s a good one, and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

Image: Zoe Saint-Paul 

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1 Olga April 26, 2014 at 9:05 am

Zoe–did you get up to tell a story? I have heard about those story-telling shows and I think someone is putting a collection of some in a book…me and my CBC radio sources..


2 Zoe Saint-Paul April 26, 2014 at 9:46 am

No, I didn’t. Was tempted, but my friend – whose birthday we were out celebrating so she decided to be daring — stuck her name in the hat and ended up getting called. She did a great job!


3 Therese April 26, 2014 at 9:32 pm

Love those adorable faces!

Before I had kids, I was sure I would be stricter about all kinds of things. But I am a sucker, for better and for worse. And I intended to be a stickler about bed times and nutrition, but I’ve lost a lot more ground than I intended…

Highs: Beginning to paint a community mural was awesome, as was seeing both of my girls in a fantastic production of Macbeth, with K (9) in the challenging title role and G (6) thriving in her first Shakespeare production. Oh such a happy, fun day.

Low: A very stereotypically school-ish tour with docents who proudly proclaimed themselves “former teachers” and yet were horribly condescending to the kids and fairly ignorant about basic history to boot. Why do some educators assume that every child is a blank slate? The best ones, I’ve noticed, ask questions and then adapt according to the answers, but that isn’t what we got. The schedule was more important than the learning and a fun historical site with potential for learning local history disintegrated into parental disgust. Sigh!

Hope that you are enjoying your weekend! We’re prepping for graduation (work) and our next living history program (homeschool). Fun and busy…


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