Domestic Chores

May 9, 2012

Phyllis Gordon and her pet Cheetah, 1932

Confession: I’m not the biggest fan of domestic chores. I just don’t like doing them. I love living in a clean house, but I don’t much enjoy cleaning. I love to cook when I feel inspired, but cooking three meals a day every day for a bunch of people would pretty much be torture. A good friend said I was meant to be a chatelaine, which amounts to a rich woman who controls a large household — one with staff.

But the one chore I could never give up, even if I were the Queen of England, is grocery shopping. I love it. I enjoy sauntering up the aisles, checking out the latest products, reading labels, cursing many of those labels, ogling the latest produce, taking home something new to try, gathering what we need, watching what others have in their carts. It’s like a mini-adventure, with spoils to take home at the end. For some reason, grocery shopping is not only fun, it relaxes me. I guess I’m a hunter-gatherer at heart (minus the killing-something-with-a-gun part).

Do you have a favorite household chore? Something you’d choose to do even if someone offered to do it for you?

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