Loveland Acres Popcorn
I’m pleased to announce that the winner of the gourmet popcorn sampler from Loveland Acres is…Valerie!

Congratulations, Valerie! Please contact me to find out how to claim your prize.

A big thanks again to Megan Nobert and the good folks at Loveland Acres for this giveaway. Be sure to check out their popcorn and let me know how you like it!

Come on back in a little while for a regularly scheduled Tuesday post from Ann — it’s a good one!

Image: Loveland Acres Popcorn


Loveland Acres Popcorn
If Ann’s recent post about making perfect stove-top popcorn caught your attention, today’s giveaway will be right up your alley…

Loveland Acres, a family-owned and -operated popcorn farm in Kansas, is offering one lucky SlowMama reader a three-pound sampler of their flavorful gourmet popcorn! The sampler includes one pound each of their Ruby Red, Shaman’s Blue, and Confetti blend varieties. Here’s how they describe the subtle differences:

  • Ruby Red has few hulls and pops up white with a deep red center. A unique treat that retains more anthocyanin and cyanidin than traditional yellow popcorn, it’s tasty and high in antioxidants.
  • Shaman’s Blue is a sweet, nutty popcorn that pops up a brilliant white, in contrast to its darker pinkish purple hull. It also retains more anthocyanin and cyanidin than traditional yellow popcorn, so it’s higher in antioxidants.
  • Confetti Blend is a striking mix of white, red, and blue — a great way to experience all of the tasty varieties for anyone who can’t decide which one to try!

If you’ve never tried an heirloom popcorn variety before, now’s your chance. They’re packed with flavor, and many varieties have added health benefits — plus there’s something extra fun about eating colorful popcorn. Ever since I tried one last year, I can’t go back! I definitely wish I could win this giveaway myself.

To enter, leave a comment below telling me your favorite way (or place!) to eat popcorn. If you follow me on FacebookPinterest, or Instagram, you may leave an extra comment each (for a total of four possible entries). This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only, and I’ll announce the winner next Tuesday, June 3.  Good luck!


Image via Loveland Acres


Adoption Family Tree Detail

I’m happy to announce that the winner of the Adoption Arts letterpress print giveaway is: marek

Congrats, marek! Please contact me to find out how to claim your prize.

A big thanks to Misty and Jordan Brough of Adoption Arts for generously offering one of their beautiful prints to SlowMama. Don’t forget that you can still get 20% off any order until the end of this month by entering SLOWMAMA at Adoption Arts.

I’ll be back in a couple of hours with today’s regularly scheduled post!

Image: Adoption Arts

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Note: This giveaway is closed. Congratulations, marek!

Triple Bear Hug Detail
In honor of SlowMama’s third anniversary (and our 18th-month anniversary home as a family!), I’ve got a fun giveaway for you. I’m extra excited about this one, because it’s offered by the kind of people I love to support: a couple who took their experience of adoption and combined it with their artistic talent, good taste, and desire to fill a gap. Let me tell you a bit of their story before I give you the details of the giveaway…

Brough Family
Growing up, Misty Brough always wanted to adopt children. Then, at 18 years old, she was diagnosed with a sudden and severe autoimmune disease. Her doctors counseled her never to become pregnant, because she could lose her child and/or her own life. She decided adoption would be the best way to build a family — and Misty and her husband, Jordan, have since adopted two children domestically (and hope to adopt again).

After searching high and low for a family-tree print they liked that honored both birth parents and adoptive parents, they decided to take Jordan’s background in graphic design and Misty’s love for art and launch Adoption Arts. They design their own prints and look for other artists to partner with.

I love what the Broughs have created — letterpress prints that are beautiful and meaningful. I can’t wait to have one for our family! Here are the details of this giveaway:

The winner will be able to choose one print from the three options below. If you’re not an adoptive family, you can always enter to win one as a gift for someone else (or perhaps to donate). Frankly, the first and second prints would work for anyone! All the prints are 16 x 20 inches (a standard frame size). Here are the prints with descriptions by Misty:

Triple Bear Hug

Triple Bear Hug

“One of our most popular posters, featuring a very special bear family. You don’t have to look alike to be a family and belong to one another. This poster’s idea came from our many conversations about how we may not ‘match’ our children, but they definitely belong to us!” (A close-up detail of the smallest bear is above.)

In Good Company In Good Company “Designed by my husband. We often talk about famous people who are adopted, and it became a popular topic with friends. We wanted adoptees everywhere to be proud of their history and know that they, too, can do great things! This poster features names of people (real and fictional) who were raised by people other than their birth family.”

In Good Company Detail

Adoption Family Tree Adoption Family Tree “Our genesis. Family is a huge part of what defines our sense of self. We wanted to honor our children’s birth parents and include them. This poster started our process in creating high-quality art work for adoptive families and adoptees.”

Adoption Family Tree Detail

Aren’t these prints lovely? And good news: This giveaway is open to all readers, anywhere in the world. Also, friends of SlowMama will receive 20% off any order this month by entering SLOWMAMA during checkout on Adoption Arts.

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below and tell me which print is your favorite! If you follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram, you may leave an extra comment each (for a total of four possible entries). I’ll announce the winner next Wednesday, April 23.  Good luck!


Images: Adoption Arts (vertical image of “In Good Company” via


Cookbook Giveaway Winner!

November 11, 2013

It's All Good Interior

It’s time to announce the giveaway winner for Gwyneth Paltrow’s It’s All Good cookbook! I’ve been excited to find out who the lucky person will be, and now I don’t have to wait any longer. The winner is:


Congrats, Erin! I’d love to hear how you like this cookbook, and what recipes become your favorites. (On my meal plan this week are the salmon burgers, and just last week I made the veggie dumplings and beet salad — and both turned out great!) Please contact me to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone who entered.

Image: Zoe Saint-Paul 


It's All Good Cover

For some reason, just saying the name Gwyneth Paltrow can set eyeballs rolling, but I’ve always been interested in what she’s up to beyond her successful acting career. I’ve been a subscriber to her GOOP lifestyle site since the beginning, and despite the fact that some of her content is way out of my reach (like this perfect Stella McCartney blazer that she featured and I drooled over), I’ve found plenty of great health tips and recipes on GOOP.

So when Paltrow’s latest cookbook — It’s All Good — came out and my sister Erica raved about it (in addition to a few bloggers I like who are otherwise not Paltrow fans), I couldn’t help but check it out for myself. As you know, I’ve been looking for more vegetarian recipes lately, and I’m always interested in cookbooks that promise both healthy ingredients and lots of flavor. It’s All Good has not disappointed, and although I haven’t nearly cooked through the whole book yet, I’ve been liking it so much that I wrote to the publisher (the very helpful Hachette Book Group) and asked for a giveaway copy for the blog.

Before I tell you how to enter, though, let me share a bit more about the book…

First, Paltrow didn’t write the book by herself; she had the help of Julia Turshen, a talented food writer and producer. The photos by the incredible Ditte Isager are predictably stunning, and although I could have done with fewer head shots of Paltrow, all the visuals are superb. I don’t know about you, but I have a thing about seeing what recipes look like before I try them, so I was pleased this book had such great photos of the food.

It’s All Good is divided into 11 recipe categories, plus a chapter on what you should have in your pantry and a foreword by the osteopath Dr. Habib Sadeghi. I especially like the weekly menus at the back, one of which is the “kid- friendly” meal plan.

It's All Good

I expected this cookbook be more hardcore healthy — and it isn’t. I mean, the recipes are healthy, but not the kind of radical good-for-you stuff that bums a lot of people out. There are some meat and poultry dishes here, as well as healthy takes on things like barbecue chicken and fish sticks. So far I’ve tried a couple of the smoothie recipes (yum), the aforementioned fish fingers (terrific), the turkey meatballs (flavorful), and a chicken and white bean chili (my girls loved it). I’ve got the ingredients in my fridge to make the veggie dumplings this week, and I’m dying to make Lee’s Sriracha, since the bottled version is a favorite condiment at our house, but it’s full of chemicals and preservatives. I have my eye on a bunch of other recipes, too: quinoa granola with olive oil and maple syrup, spicy brussels sprouts, salmon burgers with pickled ginger and coriander, Korean chicken tacos, and millet “falafel” with avocado and tomato relish.

I can’t wait to keep cooking through It’s All Good, and I’m excited to see who wins this giveaway! You can enter simply by leaving a comment on this post (one entry per person, please). For up to three extra entries, leave an additional comment each letting me know if you:

The winner will be drawn and announced on Monday, November 11. (Sorry, this prize can only be shipped within the U.S. If you live outside the country, feel free to enter and have it shipped to a friend or family member in the States as a gift — or have them ship it to you!)

Good luck, friends!

Images: Zoe Saint-Paul


Labor Day Giveaway Winner!

September 2, 2013

Winslow Park Beach, ME

Happy Labor Day to my North American readers! This has always been a bit of a wistful weekend for me…the official end of summertime activities, the beginning of a new academic year, and the coming of fall.

I hope this finds you resting from your labors and enjoying some time with family and friends. We’re back from our trip and enjoying the last remaining hours of our summer vacation while unpacking, catching up on laundry, and getting ready to start school tomorrow.

As promised, we have a giveaway winner of the adorable pie boxes by A La Modo. Our lucky winner is:


Congrats, Sarah! I know you’re going to make some party guests very happy when you send them home with a delectable dessert hidden in these. Please contact me to claim your prize!

Enjoy your day, friends!

Image: Zoe Saint-Paul

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Pie Slice Party Favors Stephmodo

While I’m on vacation in Maine this week, I thought I’d send a little love your way…

Are you familiar with Stephmodo? Published by the talented Stephanie Brubaker, it’s a lifestyle blog full of lovely things. I think I first encountered Stephanie’s site when I heard about her family’s renovation of a 400-year-old stone cottage in the south of France. Sigh. Lucky for us, Stephanie not only writes about beautiful things, she creates them and sells them through her Etsy shop.

In honor of the pie-related posts we’ve run this summer on SlowMama — and the pie season that awaits us this fall, of course — I thought these adorable pie slice party-favor boxes would be a perfect giveaway.

Pie Box Wedding Favors by stephmodo

Wouldn’t it be fun to send party guests away with these?

In addition to slices of seasonal pies, I love the idea of using them for homemade cheesecake, birthday cake, and wedding cake. And there are so many ways to decorate the boxes — with colorful ribbons, baker’s twine, flowers, tags, or stenciling a design or initials on the top.

Cake Slice Favors Petit Moulin by stephmodo

The lucky winner will receive a set of 24 lidded pie boxes with wooden forks. (Sorry, you’ll have to fill them with your own delectable dessert!) Here’s how this giveaway works: Leave a comment below telling me what you’d love to fill these boxes with. For up to three extra entries, leave an additional comment each letting me know if you:

The winner will be drawn and announced on Monday, September 2. (Sorry, this prize can only be shipped within the U.S. If you live outside the country, feel free to enter and have it shipped to a friend or family member in the States as a gift — or have them ship it to you!)

And with that, I’m off to find myself some local blueberry pie… Good luck, friends!

Images used with permission, courtesy of Stephanie Brubaker/Stephmodo


Evening Horizons Necklace from India

I’m kicking off the week with a fabulous giveaway: a gorgeous brass-bead necklace from Noonday Collection!

I’ll tell you more about the organization in a minute — but first, a big thank you to Theresa Hudson, who works with Noonday, for offering this piece of handcrafted jewelry to SlowMama. Made of thread and brass beads by a fair-trade artisan group in India, I love that this necklace can be worn with a cocktail dress or a t-shirt and jeans — it’s so versatile. I know it also looks great on just about anyone, since I hosted a trunk show for Theresa a couple of weeks ago and got to see it in person. (In fact, I had to order one for myself.)

I’m not only impressed with Noonday’s collection but its mission — and how far the organization has come in two short years. Founded by a Texas-based mom who adopted from Rwanda, Noonday was born after she decided to sell some fair-trade goods from Uganda to raise money for her adoption. Now, Noonday carries items from nine countries: India, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Madagascar, Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador — as well as the United States (made by a group of Tibetan refugees).

Noonday Collection

Noonday assists orphans in two major ways: directly, by giving 10% of trunk-show sales to adoptive families who host them; and indirectly, by supporting artisans in developing countries who want to keep their families intact. You can read more about Noonday’s mission here.

Noonday Collection

My friend Theresa was drawn to work with the organization because of her love for their mission, born of personal experience: An adoptive mom herself, the term “orphan” became very real to her when she and her husband adopted their son from Romania 12 years ago:

Noonday caught my attention…while I was reading a blog. There I saw an opportunity to have a business that had a substantial impact on the global orphan crisis. Noonday uses fashion to give people in vulnerable populations an opportunity of their own to have things we so easily take for granted. As we know, all people desire the dignity of work, and all parents want to clothe and feed their kids.

I couldn’t agree more. Noonday seems to be a win-win for every party involved — including those of us lucky enough to wear the pieces. I have some favorites, like the Zoe necklace (of course!) and this Indian stacked arrow necklace. The line of jewelry from Ethiopia uses recycled metal that has been melted down from war weapons and turns it into pieces like this gorgeous necklace and this cuff. Talk about making something beautiful out of something ugly! The tea towels would make a great gift, too. I also fell for this hat, modeled so well by my adorable daughters above.

Noonday Collection

Be sure to take a look at Noonday’s wide selection. I’m already thinking about Christmas presents!

Noonday Collection

So, here’s what you need to do in order to win this stunning necklace: Leave a comment telling me about one of your favorite travel experiences (even if it was just a place in your own home town); for an extra chance to win, follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter and come back here to tell me in the comments. I’ll announce the winner this Friday in my Pull Up a Chair post. (This giveaway is open to readers in continental North America only.) Good luck, friends!

Images: Zoe Saint-Paul


Ethiopian Girl

I’m excited to announce the winner of the beautiful scarf from Connected In Hope: Patty!

Congrats, Patty! Please contact me to find our how to claim your prize.

A big thanks again to Ryane Murnane for offering this giveaway to SlowMama. Connected In Hope is making a real difference in women’s lives, and I hope you’ll check out their gorgeous handmade scarves; they make fabulous gifts for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or even early Christmas presents.

And come on back in a few hours for my regularly scheduled Pull Up a Chair Friday post!

Image from Robert Harding Images via Ryane Murnane