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September 7, 2012


I’m feeling really blessed right now.

In the midst of so much busyness, and my tendency to be anxious, and my occasional freak-out attack that I’m actually now a mom of two little girls in Africa who are coming home soon, I’m experiencing so much generosity from so many people. It’s humbling.

In addition to things I’ve previously mentioned, dear friends are planning what I know will be an ah-mazing shower for us this weekend, and someone that I’ve never met donated some great clothes for the girls today. A woman down the street is giving us an umbrella stroller and some toys, and our church is holding a donation drive for the girls’ orphanage and care center. People in our neighborhood are emailing congrats to us, and at one of my jobs, a sweet woman overheard we were adopting and offered babysitting, errand-running, and cooking services, since she’s an out-of-work law school graduate and adoptee. A wonderful friend of ours recently insisted on doing an online fundraiser for us to help defray trip and preparation expenses, and friends have been unbelievably generous. Another friend is helping us find language resources for our girls when they come home, and family members continue to be supportive and excited.

All of it is teaching me more about generosity, and about how to receive, and it’s challenging me to focus on the blessing and the gratitude more than the anxiety and fear.

It’s also reminding me that these little girls are not only going to bless B and me beyond belief, they’re going to touch the lives of all these fabulous people who are playing a role in their homecoming. I can’t wait until the girls understand just how many people were part of the village that prepared their way.

Have you had times in life where you felt blessed right on up to your eyeballs?

Hope it’s a slow weekend ahead for you and yours. Here are some links from this week that I thought you’d enjoy:

  • The elderly can teach us a few things about how to stop worrying.

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1 Kristin W September 8, 2012 at 12:32 am

It is amazing how much people want to help. When we brought our kids home, a friend used a website to have people sign up to bring us meals. We had home-cooked meals delivered every night for three weeks. Fabulous!


2 Therese September 8, 2012 at 5:51 am

I am so glad that you are “feeling’ the love!” All four of you are in our prayers daily.

Thanks for that interesting article about the value of parental time. The research in there is so interesting and I love the “slow” implications – that buying “the best” of everything and focusing on more is not an indicator of success. I just had a conversation with another friend on a similar thread… She said that one of her children’s teachers gave beginning of the school year instructions around the ultimate goal that “academics are the most important thing in your child’s life.” She vehemently disagreed. As a single mom of three children adopted from foster care, she had seen what parental neglect had done first hand. There are clear academic problems and academics are very important to her. However, family cohesion, spiritual connection, and other such values come first. I will send her your link to this article (thanks)… It also raises good fodder for thought about the best way to define “success.”


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