18 months… and still crazy

May 5, 2011

18 months

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Happy anniversary to me — and us. Anti-anniversary, really, because there’s nothing to sip champagne about over here. Unless you want to toast patience and perseverance. I’ll admit we’re making some headway there.

Eighteen months ago today we went on the official waiting list with our adoption agency — and our referral has now taken 6-8 months longer than we were told to expect. Not our agency’s fault; just the ever-changing process of international adoption.

I’ve been marking this date each month, and each time I have less to say. Or I keep saying the same thing — which is not very interesting. So let’s talk about something else…

Have you ever started using a word or phrase that doesn’t make sense, but you get stuck on it? Come on, don’t make me feel weird.

A while back I started calling people “crackerjacks.” I don’t know why. Like, if I met or talked to a person who’s a bit of a character, I’d say, “He’s such a crackerjack!” It just seemed so perfect.

Lately, I keep wanting to insert the word “cats” into random phrases. I’ve been saying “holy cats!” a lot recently, for one. And today, I almost wrote “crazy cats” in reference to something.

I have no answers.

I am relieved to tell you, however, that Mags will have something worthwhile to read here this afternoon. So you all come back now… you crazy cats.

UPDATE: Just want to say a big welcome if you’re visiting here from Design Mom. If I’d known you were coming, I would have written about something more profound than my tendency to use weird words and phrases. But a big thanks to Gabrielle for linking to my site. And to you for stopping by — come visit anytime! Feel free to check out the SlowMama Manifesto while you’re here. And this post will tell you a little more about my site.

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